Top tips for retailers gearing up for a big sales day
Stage 3: Sell
Kyle York
15th July 2015
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Amazon’s Prime Day is  being touted as bigger than Black Friday – and it’s received so much exposure that growing etailers such as Best Buy and Walmart are also vying for spill off from the July 15 event. While these huge flash sales are an excellent opportunity for retailers, the large spikes in traffic they generate can pose a hazard for infrastructures that are not prepared for the influx in load.  

As consumers have become more comfortable with online buying, they have also become less forgiving of companies that offer less than stellar buying experiences. Those companies left unprepared for a massive influx in traffic have no excuse. High volume days should no longer lead to site failure and consumers won’t look kindly on brands which fail to deliver on these peak sale days.


Plan ahead

Retailers should take a critical look at their ability to handle a huge increase in online activity. Exceptional end user experience starts with a well-executed technology strategy that includes the ability to monitor, control and optimise online infrastructure at scale. This will ensure that a top eRetailer’s online solutions are consistently available, efficient, secure and fast, even across complex, distributed IT infrastructure deployments.


Look to the cloud

Cloud-based Managed DNS and Traffic Management can help retailers to manage traffic booms. Internet Intelligence enables them to plan ahead, identify any potential risks and make informed decisions for upcoming periods based on data. These tools make it possible for retailers to plan ahead for sale traffic booms.


Have a backup plan

Retailers need to be able to react quickly if an issue does affect their site performance. A strong plan B is vital not only to safeguard brand reputation, but also to guarantee consistent, seamless customer experiences for those customers who will come back as loyal customers long after flash sales have passed.
Customers expect a trouble-free, consistent online experience even during peak sale periods. Businesses need to ensure the correct technology strategy is in place because savvy consumers will look elsewhere if their expectations are not met. Internet Performance is the key factor which allows businesses to meet customer demands online, no matter the scale of the sales on offer.

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Author: Kyle York
Chief Marketing Officer at Dyn
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