The “Tinder for emerging fashion sellers” goes global
Stage 3: Sell
Paul Skeldon
14th March 2017
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There are thousands of small fashion brands in the world whose products are hard to find. IVALO gathers the world’s upcoming fashion brands into one mobile app. The operating model of the service is the same as in AirBnB. IVALO functions as a sales platform where fashion brands list their products and send them to the end customer from their own storage, with IVALO transmitting orders in exchange for a commission.

The user interface also has many features consumers are already familiar with. At IVALO you browse products by swiping left and right depending on your interest, much like on Tinder. The service also combines all the social media channels of fashion brands into one.

IVALO was soft-launched in October in its test market in Finland with nearly 100 upcoming fashion brands. The service took the media by a storm and became the most downloaded shopping app in all of Finland (passing Zalando and H&M, among others). IVALO’s sales have increased over 20% per month, and it has already been contacted by hundreds of interested fashion brands around the world. In addition, IVALO’s brand team has visited all of the world’s leading fashion weeks (incl. London, Paris, Milan, Berlin) and curated the most interesting brands there to join the service.

The service will be launched globally, first with Finnish fashion brands, and during the spring over 200 upcoming top brands from around the world, curated by the IVALO brand team, will join the service. 

IVALO’s only goal is to be the world’s most interesting marketplace for small fashion brands by the year 2020. As a part of its aggressive growth IVALO will hire 10 to 15 new people to help speed up its rapid global expansion. We are looking for top experts with a passion for fashion to join our team, says CEO Matti Lamminsalo.

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Author: Paul Skeldon
Editor specialising in all things mobile.
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