New UK returns service to revolutionise market
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Paul Skeldon
5th August 2017
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International returns platform ReBOUND, used by hundreds of leading fashion brands, has brought its returns services to the UK market to give online retailers a truly global multi-carrier returns solution, and their customers more freedom of choice and convenience.

Originally launched solely as a cross-border solution, this latest move by ReBOUND knits together many of the UK’s leading delivery options through a single IT platform, together offering the largest UK returns network. ReBOUND has already integrated with a range of UK domestic carriers including a choice of Tracked Post, Parcel Shops (PUDOs), Couriers and Parcel Lockers, and this library of carrier integrations continues to grow to give shoppers access to the widest range of return options.

 “As a business dedicated to offering the best possible customer return experience, our approach houses all options under one roof” explained Graham Best, CEO of ReBOUND. “ReBOUND is built around the idea of choice and convenience. It isn’t convenient to ask shoppers to commit to a single return option and push them down that route. Our platform allows the customer to view local and convenient return options side by side and it gives them the chance to discover new return options which may be right around the corner.”

The ReBOUND platform is revolutionising returns.  Retailers now have a single seamless returns process to manage both international and domestic returns. “We’ve engineered ReBOUND to take the stress out of return management. Our retail clients don’t want to manage 20+ different carrier relationships, they make one decision and that’s ReBOUND.” This development means that UK retailers can get total visibility of every return transaction worldwide, giving customer service teams a powerful tool to monitor returns activity.

The in-transit notifications which shoppers receive from the ReBOUND platform provides peace of mind through better expectation of refund processing. “This latest launch will come as very welcome news to many of our retail clients who tell us that up to 70% of customer contacts can be due to returns and refunds queries. Together, we can eliminate unnecessary contact into customer care teams which can be time consuming and costly.”

Plus, ReBOUND research shows that 20% of leading fashion brands do not advertise a refund promise on their returns policy (1). “The research we conduct reveals just how diverse returns policies and processes can be, so by working to improve the online shopping experience for millions of customers worldwide, we’ve standardised returns processing but retained consumer choice.”

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Author: Paul Skeldon
Editor specialising in all things mobile.

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