New “Chat with your Ads” app converts seller items into animated, clickable stickers
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Paul Skeldon
6th June 2017
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Belgian market leader brand (Secondhand) has added a Clickable Stickers feature to its free of charge Peer-to-Peer selling platform.

The technology developed for converts photo images uploaded to the site by sellers of clothes, cars, boats and everything in between into sticker cut-outs of the items for sale. These can then be added into user chats and shared within the iOS instant messaging app.

In addition to spicing up user conversations with friends, family and potential buyers with images, the big plus of the “Chat with your Ads” app for sellers is their item sticker is interactive, hyperlinking potential buyers directly to the location of the item for sale on

With one tap on the Clickable Sticker shared in the person’s chat feed the recipient can be looking at and in a position to buy the item for sale, or send it on to someone they think might be interested to buy. Head of Marketing & Customer Service, Petra Baeck explains the thinking behind the Company’s latest mobile retail innovation: “Increasingly busy customers are choosing their smartphones as the go-to channel for selling and buying stuff they no longer need and getting the things they want. The launch focus with “Chat with your Ads” is on highly social mobile-first iOS users. Over 75% of them regularly use emoticons, gifs and other images to express what they are feeling in a visual way to their friends in their chat conversations.“

“The Clickable Stickers instantly increases their visual communications repertoire in a fun and highly useful way by making individual stickers from their own actual item photographs that they can then share. Best of all the Stickers will help them sell and buy their stuff on”

Created for by Happiness Anywhere, “Chat with your Ads” launches and goes live to begin with in the Belgian market from May 9 2017 when customers will be able to start using their customised interactive item stickers on their iPhones instant messaging.

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Author: Paul Skeldon
Editor specialising in all things mobile.
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