Kite Packaging launch innovative triangular postal tubes
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Paul Skeldon
16th August 2017
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Employee-owned company Kite Packaging are specialists in supplying packaging to a broad cross-section of different industries. Through their leading ‘Business to Business’ e-commerce website they supply a wide range of stock products to industries such as mail order and dispatch, fulfilment, ecommerce, building and construction, warehouse, logistics, art and framing, removals and everything in-between.

Kite Packaging has a reputation for continual innovation, perfectly illustrated by their latest product launch. The newest product in the Kite range is corrugated triangular postal tubes. Delivered flat packed and easy to assemble these tubes are a great alternative to traditional round postal tubes.

The unique design of the all-in-one solution makes them hugely popular with companies despatching goods through the courier and parcel delivery networks. The triangular design ensures the tubes do not roll on courier sortation conveyors. Courier despatch labels can be applied to one flat surface of the tube, guaranteeing they can pass through sortation scanners without any issues.

Commonly used for posters, artwork and anything that can be rolled, they will safety protect items during transit. The unique shape also allows for them to be tessellated on a pallet, saving space when stored or in transit and due to the secure integrated end flaps that simply fold over and slot in place no end caps are required.

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Author: Paul Skeldon
Editor specialising in all things mobile.
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