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Jon Card
14th August 2012
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Venda’s eCommerce platform is used by companies such as Laura Ashley and BooHoo. Here we find out what it could do for your business

Please tell me about your business

We were founded 11 years ago, in 2001, by Dan Wagner, a noted UK entrepreneur and James Cronin of Dan had come up with the concept for a shared eCommerce platform three years before. He formed and funded a business unit of his Marketing Analysis and Information Database (MAID) to develop the concept.

Since then, we’ve become established as the world’s leading, on-demand eCommerce platform provider. From household names like Laura Ashley and BooHoo to lesser-known yet equally successful online retailers, hundreds of clients have come to rely on us and our services.

Our business is focused on the delivery and management of our clients’ multi-channel sales. We benchmark our own success against three key performance indicators (KPIs) that drive online revenue growth:

1. Incremental traffic generation: From search engine optimisation to affiliate marketing, Venda provides the tools to attract prospective shoppers to the site.

2. Driving average basket values across all channels: Effective merchandising, cross-selling and promotions are designed to help shoppers make choices and to offer timely suggestions of other products that meet their needs.

3. Improving checkout conversion rates: Venda reduces dropout rates and encourages return shoppers by providing an exceptional customer experience, from point-of-entry through to post-order communications.

Who is the product aimed at?

It’s aimed at any retailers and manufacturers, in fact any business that wants a multi-channel offering to sell its products through.

What are the benefits of using it for an eCommerce business?

Since 2008, Venda has been aligned with the most rigorous data standards. We offer our clients what is arguably the highest non-military network security standard in the marketplace today; PCI-DSS tier 1 certification.

Our team of systems engineers are available 24/7 to ensure the very best level of service around the clock. Site uptimes are guaranteed in the service level agreements to exceed 99.95%.

Thanks to collaboration with our community of customers we’re developing a continual stream of upgrades to deliver the latest features and capabilities to drive growth in traffic, conversion rates and online revenues. Venda also uses the community’s tremendous buying power to deliver competitive rates for our clients for complementary services such as analytics, payment solutions and marketing networks.

Launching an online proposition can be a complex task and as such one of the benefits of our offering is that it’s a full service. Venda provides the creative, project management, production and development services to ensure your online business is ready for launch.

How much does it cost?

The Venda platform starts from as little as £7,000 per month and for this Venda:

• Builds designs and implements our clients multi-channel solution
• Hosts the client’s site.
• Is responsible for the day-to-day, 24/7 maintenance of all hardware, software and infrastructure used to keep client websites operational.
• Manages platform scaling using ‘better than best practice’ metrics to ensure over-capacity at all times, across all layers of the network.
• Provides all security patching and monitoring to protect against criminal intrusion and denial of service attacks.
• Maintains IT systems and management processes to the standards demanded by industry and regulatory bodies.
• Provides a constant stream of incremental upgrades to the core multi-channel application and all other software components in the solution architecture.

How does it work?

Venda is a cloud-based platform that provides a full, end-to-end eCommerce service. In other words, our platform holds all product data, customer data and transaction data enabling the retailer to sell their products through every channel (ecommerce, mobile, in-store devices, tablet, call centre and affiliate networks) via one back-end Venda interface.

Take me step-by-step through how I buy and install it

You’d contact a Venda eCommerce/multi-channel specialist who would talk through, in detail, your requirements. Venda would then make some best practice recommendations and work with you to define the strategy for the rollout. Following this a project manager is assigned to each individual account and will take primary responsibility for coordinating resources and delivery during the implementation phase.

What do I need to do once it is set up?

Once you’re set up the Venda account management team would work closely with you to ensure that you are maximising your revenues in the most cost effective way.

Is there anything else I should know?

Venda SaaS customers:
• Do not make up-front or ongoing capital investments in software or hardware
• Do not require any technical expertise to manage their websites
• Pay for use of the application on a subscription basis
• Manage their eCommerce site, mobile site and in-store offerings via the web-based Venda Control Panel (VCP)
• Benefit from a ‘community of interest’, as well as competitive rates for complementary services (e.g., marketing channels, PayPal)
• Focus on their core competency of marketing, merchandising and selling their goods, not developing and managing complex IT operations and cost centres

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Author: Jon Card
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