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Jon Card
31st July 2012
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Selecting a good digital agency is a must for many eCommerce companies. In this feature, theMediaFlow tell us what it has to offer 

Please tell me about your business

TheMediaFlow is an online marketing agency, specialising in search marketing. We were founded in 2009 by CEO Nichola Stott (pictured), who was formerly at Yahoo. Since then we have gained a lot of industry traction and respect as search marketing thought leaders.

Quite simply we help online businesses to gain more customers through the medium of both organic and paid search.

Who is the product aimed at?

Nowadays our services are suitable for almost any medium to large-sized business, however e-Commerce businesses of any and all sizes will tend to get a very profitable return from using theMediaFlow for professional search strategies and services.

What are the benefits of using it to an eCommerce business?

For an ecommerce business an integrated search marketing strategy is one of the most effective and profitable routes to market. If you’re selling online, then your customers will expect you to appear online (and prominently) in the dominant search engines, namely Google and Bing.

Paid search marketing or pay-per-click (PPC) is extremely beneficial as ROI can be measured very accurately and almost instantaneously.

Organic search marketing or search engine optimisation (SEO), is a highly efficient marketing investment. Although some 200 ranking factors contribute to the search ranking algorithms, many of these components seek to identify equity and authority though such criteria as the quality of other sites that link to yours, or the age of your website or the quality of content.

Investing in a good quality SEO strategy can take some months to show progress, but once the work begins to gain traction, the equity in earlier work becomes a cumulative asset.

How much does it cost?

About the same as a good quality PR agency. We can work on a day rate, or a monthly retainer model. Our rate -card price is £790 per day for SEO and related services and £520 per day for PPC and related services.

How does it work?

Paid search works by advertising on relevant, targeted terms that your potential customers use to search for your product(s). Using multiple and well-tested versions (multi-variant testing) of each ad and making clever use of site -extensions which may add rich detail to your location, or key products or contact details; we can continually improve the performance and budget efficiency for your ad spend.

Organic search marketing works by improving how visible your sites’ content is, by impacting and improving the main elements that contribute to search engine ranking algorithms. While search engines such as Google will consider over 200 separate factors most of these will fall within the four broad categories of technical, on-site, link-marketing and social signals.

We feel the most important thing to stress, as a quality search specialist agency is that search engine algorithms are designed to allow computer programmes to quickly and efficiently determine the most relevant results, in a similar ranking order that a human would agree on.

We therefore market your website to humans, knowing from experience how to “belt and brace” our recommendations for maximum SEO impact. We don’t “chase the algorithm” and feel that this approach is short-sighted and detrimental to the industry.

Take me step-by-step through how I buy and install it

Our services are completely bespoke and entirely consultative, therefore every set of initial recommendations we produce for a client is different.

What do I need to do once it is set up?

Once the bulk of initial technical and on-site recommendations have been completed by you or your site manager, we require regular contact and input from you, to contribute to the link marketing strategy that is essential to the success of any search marketing campaign.

Is there anything else I should know?

As with any industry, such as building or plumbing, search marketing has its share of “cowboys”. Inexperienced and unqualified practitioners who set-up shop as self-styled gurus, offering little value at rock bottom prices. These providers can on occasion provide such poor advice as to lead to a site being penalised or removed from the search engine index.

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Author: Jon Card
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