Free legal app launched for Apple and Android devices
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Paul Skeldon
15th April 2017
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Law firm Moore Blatch has launched a simple, intuitive and easy to use app for Apple and Android devices for small business owners.

Covering a range of legal business areas the app provides easy to understand and essential information on tax, budget and legal news relevant to both businesses and individuals.

In addition there is comprehensive information and tables relating to a whole range of tax issues from standard individual and corporate taxation through to pensions, savings and even home buying.

There are also over 20 financial calculators that cover everything from VAT and IHT to a simple guide on whether an individual should incorporate his business. In addition, the app also provides income tracker, mileage tracker and receipt manager tools. 

The app also gives access to a number of blogs and videos from leading lawyers, giving comprehensive legal advice across a range of business areas.

Mark Aston, Head of Business Development, Moore Blatch said: “A good grasp of both your responsibilities and your rights within the law is essential to running your life or a successful business.  Yet the law and, as importantly, the rules and taxation that surround it continually evolve and change so it is impossible to retain knowledge of all areas. This is where technology steps in and especially mobile technology such as our app, providing a single reference point to literally thousands of sets of information.”

The app is available free from the iTunes app store, the Android store and via the Moore Blatch Website:

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Author: Paul Skeldon
Editor specialising in all things mobile.
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