Flubit unveils retail technology platform SKUcloud.co.uk
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Paul Skeldon
14th April 2017
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Online marketplace, Flubit.com have today launched their retail technology platform, SKUcloud.co.uk; a single brand to cover both seller and destination facets of the business.

In a unique approach to ecommerce, SKUcloud.co.uk offers a multi-facetted ecommerce ecosystem; integrating Seller Partners and Destination Partners to generate opportunities beyond the reach of traditional online marketplaces.

Unveiling their new brand and website this morning, SKUcloud.co.uk offers merchants access to over 10,000,000 shoppers per day, across channels they’ll never have thought of, changing the way that over 1,500 businesses approach ecommerce.  Sellers currently integrated into Flubit’s ‘WeFlubit’ brand will see no change in their integration or operations, other than a new brand and more sales.

For Destination (any website or app with users they want to monetise or learn about) SKUcloud.co.uk gives access to over 54 million products, including 50,000 bestselling items. Offering businesses the ability to integrate a white-labelled, fully managed ecommerce proposition into their existing website.

Powered by the team behind Flubit.com, SKU Cloud has grown to become Europe’s largest marketplace ecosystem. Boasting twelve billion automated price and stock updates per year and over 88,000 brands listed on the site.

Five years’ worth of industry data also provides SKU Cloud insight into the retail market, enabling the site to offer bespoke, actionable data to help retailers make informed decisions to place the right products in front of the right audiences, at just the right price and regardless of where they’re shopping from.

Based in London, Andy Stephen, Head of Partnerships of SKU Cloud said; “As a company, we pride ourselves on connecting Sellers with Destinations in a truly integrated approach to ecommerce. We now allow sellers to automatically reach millions of users through channels, destinations and partners they would never think of reaching, and completely revolutionise the way websites or apps can sell products: both natively and at a high margin.

“In addition, without any further integration, SKU Cloud now enables you to offer GEO-Location Delivery on almost any order. We can help you deliver products to customer near-by within one hour, or through a timed delivery slot – putting you ahead of your competition.” 

The service is recognised as the first significant industry upgrade to how people perceive non marketplace/retailer transactions on websites or apps. Moving far away from tired affiliate models that divert users away from your site, and creating a fully native eCommerce experience. 

To mark their launch, SKU Cloud has also been working closely with industry expert John Hayes to author two whitepapers outlining SKU Cloud’s unique approach to ecommerce for Seller Partners and Destination Partners. Both documents are available as a free download upon visiting the website. 


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Author: Paul Skeldon
Editor specialising in all things mobile.
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