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Internet Retailing Conference 2016 New Horizons in etail - 12 Oct 2016
Novotel London West
1 Shortlands
International Centre
W6 8DR
United Kingdom
Start date: 12 Oct 2016 at 09:00
Finish date: 12 Oct 2016 at 18:00

 Internet Retailing Conference is the place for etailers large and small to come hear from the experts about everything to do with online selling. For 2016 the conference is looking to NEW HORIZONS that the modern digitally – enabled retailer can scan as we seek to satisfy the demands of the connected, savvy customer.

In three parallel conference streams IRC2016 anticipates the response to the new pressures: engage, grow and transform.

eCommerce professionals, for over a decade at the vanguard of innovation and radical change, are themselves now having to adapt and change as eCommerce is no longer a channel, but an equal partner with stores.

Setting a direction for retail – Hear from the  industry trailblazers, who have been defining and  shaping retail strategy for the past decade and are still at the helm, responding and reacting to new technologies  and customer demands to map a blueprint for change and success in the years ahead.

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