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Using Adwords to Maxmise Sales

FYI – get ready for the influx of acronyms coming your way as we go on on a journey into the heart of Google AdWords. This quick read will help you get to grips with the Ps and Qs of pay per click so you are maximising sales whilst minimising headaches. With the help of this handy guide to using Adwords, you can become the Google guru of selling online.

From setting up your Google Adwords account to creating your first campaign to optimising for revenue, this short eBook explains it all.

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Chapters include: Using PPC for ecommerce websites Overview of the Google results Managing your Google AdWords account Understanding the relationship between Quality Score and CPC Selecting PPC platforms Campaign set-up Keyphrase research Tracking and Analytics Other aspects of setting up your campaigns Dynamic search ads Shopping results, Product Listing ads and Google Merchant Centre Setting up Product Listing Ads Optimisation to maximise your conversions at an affordable CPA Optimising for revenue Return on ad spend
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