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The Ultimate Retail Guide to the Holiday Season 2015

Okay retailers. Here we go. Time to get your holiday season plan in place and prepare yourself for what will no doubt be some very busy months. Retailers need to up their game each year as consumer buying habits continue to change and evolve.

In this guide by Grain Shaughnessy, Content Manager & Strategist, Brightpearl, we look at the factors impacting holiday sales along with the industry data and shopping trends from 2014’s season, and 2015 holiday predictions.

If you’re just getting started with your retail business and want to hit the ground running, this guide is for you.

If you’ve been running a retail business for years and know you could be getting better results from the busy holiday season, this guide is for you too.

Here we provide helpful tips and tricks to prepare you for this year’s holiday rush. We hope you enjoy!


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What’s in the Guide?

Chapter 1

Preparing for Key Holiday Shopping Dates: The holiday dates you need to be thinking about in advance

Chapter 2

How to Maximize Revenue by Catering to Early Shoppers: Understanding when to start taking advantage of the holiday season

Chapter 3

Mobile’s Impact on Retail is Going Strong: What’s the deal with mobile during the busiest retail season of the year?

Chapter 4

Learn to Love Returns: Can you learn to love returns?

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