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The Express Route to Multi-Channel eCommerce

Developing a multi-channel eCommerce Strategy is all about extending your reach and creating new opportunities to win business.

This guide from SellerExpress highlights the ways retailers take advantage of these opportunities and build an eCommerce offering that captures more customers. It covers themes such as extending your reach, maximising profits and of course the multi-channel opportunity.

There is no clearly defined entry point for developing a multi-channel eCommerce strategy. Some retailers will have started experimenting with sales on a marketplace like eBay or Amazon, while others will have jumped head first into managing their own eCommerce sites.

Others may be juggling multiple marketplaces and managing their own store sales (possibly dropping balls everywhere) and looking for guidance to build a more robust strategy.

This guide has been designed to introduce the key channels available to online retailers, highlight some of the more pressing challenges and dispel some myths and misconceptions.

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