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The eSeller Guide to Sourcing and Selling Products

Let’s start at the very beginning (it’s a very good place to start), the first and one of the most important decisions any online retailer will make is what products to sell. This is a decision that will have an effect on almost every other facet of your business. Who will your target audience be? How will you brand and market your shop? What will your overheads be? These are all big questions that will be influenced by your initial decision of what exactly you intend to sell. The world of online retail is growing at an increasing rate. According to research by Barclays, the sector is growing 57 times faster than the economy. Make sure your online business is growing too as this eBook talks you through the steps to sourcing your goods and then of course selling them.

Chapters include:

  • Why are your products important?
  • How to pick your products
  • Find products that are hot
  • Know your target audience
  • Know your margins
  • Things to look out for
  • How to find suppliers
  • How to judge if a supplier is reliable
  • How many suppliers should you have?
  • How to measure success
  • Case study: Daniel Footwear

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