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The eSeller guide to detecting and preventing online fraud

£338 million cost of credit/debit card fraud to the UK economy in 2012. As a small eBusiness, you are at risk from fraud affecting your customers, but you also run the risk of being a victim of scams too. What are the main threats? This guide goes through the headline figures and breaks down the various types of fraud you might be facing as it investigates how current legislation may or may not be protecting you and your business. Fraudsters are digitally-savvy and constantly evolving in line with the latest technology. For every £1 lost to fraud, it costs merchants £3.10 in additional losses in fines, resources, etc. Are you doing what you can to keep you and your customers protected?


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Chapters include:
  • UK fraud in numbers
  • Types of digital fraud
  • Mobile fraud
  • New approaches to fraud prevention
  • Eight technical steps to protect your business
  • Fraud and the law: The Fraud Act
  • Fraud and the law: The Companies Act 2006
  • Fraud and the law: Serious Crimes Act
  • Four steps to let customers know your site is secure
  • Kount's Advanced Fraud Prevention Programme
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