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The Brightpearl guide to mastering multi-channel retail

You have a dream of running a retail business. You steel your nerve and take the plunge, source some fabulous products and set up a store. And it turns out you are one of the lucky ones. Customers love what you have got to offer and the orders roll in. It feels great. Money starts to flow and you are hiring your first few employees. Sure, you’re busy but who isn’t when starting a business?

Then something strange happens. Your attention is increasingly pulled away from the products and relationships that were your most important concerns when you were getting started. Mistakes start to creep in and you start to experience a loss of control. Your time is spent juggling spreadsheets. You struggle to figure out how much inventory you have sold on which channel and what your margins really are. All your hard work doesn’t seem to be translating into profit. Indeed you aren’t even sure what profit you are making.

This guide aims to distil the combined experience of more than a thousand merchants currently running their businesses on Brightpearl, to help you break this cycle. No matter whether you are in this situation right now or whether you never ever want to get into it, this guide is for you.


  • Using multichannel retail channels
  • Using customer data to drive great service
  • Running an efficient operation
  • Merchandising for multichannel
  • Building a wholesale business
  • Focusing on profitability
  • Getting your team building your business for you

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