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Successful Selling Online in 30 Days

Selling online is made simple with eSeller’s latest ebook offering. 32 million Brits bought online last year, the UK retail market is worth £77 Billion in 2012 and both figures are consistently growing – ecommerce is a growth industry you can’t ignore. This latest title from eSeller shows you how to get online and selling within a month. From setting up your website, finding customers, making your first sales and finding ecommerce outlets to suit you – this seriously short guide will walk you through the basics of how to sell online successfully.



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Chapters include:

  • UK Commerce in numbers
  • Why on Earth ecommerce?
  • How to set up and sell in 30 days
  • Find your first 50 customers
  • The perfect ecommerce business plan in 10 steps
  • 5 steps to boosting online sales
  • Should you be on eBay or Amazon?
  • Make your brand stand out from the crowd
  • Once you're selling: How to calculate gross profit
  • Selling stories: Mike Parker, co-founder of
  • Selling stories: Tabitha Potts, founder of Mimimyne
  • Sales tips for top ecommerce businesses

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