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SEO Strategy: A Crash Course

If you thought Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) was just a buzzword for 2013, get ready for the beehive that is 2014 where SEO strategy be(e)comes a cornerstone for all web based activity. Master the basics in moments with this short, clear and informative eBook to talking and walking the SEO way. This clever little guide pulls together the key ingredients to a successful SEO strategy including blogging, how to use keywords, link building, content marketing and warnings about black hat practices. Start the new year with your SEO hat on and reap the benefits.

Chapters include:

  • SEO in numbers
  • Comparing spend on Google Adwords to SEO
  • Why do we need SEO?
  • How good is your SEO?
  • Key ingredients to SEO including Blogging, Keywords, Link Building, Content Marketing and Black Hat practices
  • Why should you follow a Panda?
  • Going beyond Google?
  • What do SEO agencies do?
  • Find a great agency
  • A quick word on Flash
  • SEO wrap-up – 10 Factors when Optimising



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What people said:

Very useful.... and, just as important, very readable. When you're sales director, accountant, marketing manager, production foreman and teamaker it's nice to find a few signposts in the business jungle.

A great introduction to SEO. Useful to see some figures for guidance and comparison. I will definitely be using this ebook for future reference. Thank you.

 A good guide for beginners, providing the foundations to help businesses develop their own SEO Strategy.

 Really useful and will make doing business with SEO easier. I think it's lots of people will benefit from this. Definitely will recommend it.

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