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Selling Overseas with PayPal

In July 2014 alone the value of UK exports to the EU was £12.3 billion.

In this eBook you’ll discover the business case for selling overseas whether that means exporting your goods or setting up a branch of your business in foreign markets. You’ll also hear about the latest government support for exporters, details of exciting emerging economies and how technology can help too.

Accepting payments from overseas is one big hurdle which PayPal can solve for your business, but we recognise there are other aspects to consider. We hope you find this eBook useful and look forward to helping your business grow internationally.


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Chapters include:

  • Hello from PayPal
  • The business case for selling abroad
  • How government can help
  • A sensible approach to exporting to new markets
  • The role of technology
  • Top tips for exporters
  • Conclusion
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