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How to Track and Measure Social Media Marketing

Companies spend millions of pounds and thousands of hours creating presences on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Management teams ask: “Is this time and money well-spent?”

The only way to tell is to measure how marketing impacts brand building, customer awareness of products and services, lead generation, customer acquisition (or sales) and other important business metrics. Would you like to justify your investment in social media?

We all should be tracking our efforts, yet what do we measure and how do we do it?

Try downloading this free guide to measure social media marketing and you will:

  • Discover available social media metrics
  • See how to tie interactions back to KPIs
  • Monitor the success of your social media efforts

Download  today to determine and improve your social media success.


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Chapters include:

1. Tying social media to sales
2. Understanding metrics 101
3. Getting started with Google Analytics
4. Specific metrics and specific actions
5. Unique metrics by social network

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