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How to Make Your Customers Love You

‘You don’t have to say you love me, just be close at hand…’ eSeller’s easy ebook series presents ‘How to Make Your Customers Love You’ and unsurprisingly it turns out the top aphrodisiacs to inspire affection are customer service, personalisation and quick response time. What may come as a surprise is that a 5% increase in customer retention can book profits by 75%. Fact. So take a tea break, read the book and learn how to be a regular customer Casanova.


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Chapters include:

  • Customer loyalty in numbers
  • Why customer service matters
  • Customer service basics including Automation, FAQs, Contact details, Personalise email marketing, Going the extra mile and How can we do better?
  • What do customers want?
  • Do customers trust your ecommerce shop?
  • Six tips to retaining customers
  • Writing a strong ‘About Us’ page
  • Themes including; Use your voice to reassure customers; Should you charge according to customers’ ability to pay?; Can social commerce give you a boost?; Making staff aware of customers’ rights
  • What customers want – the golden test
  • Customer service checklist
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