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Expert Online Marketing
You are one cup of tea* and a speedy read of ‘Expert Online Marketing’ away from becoming an expert online marketer. How lovely is that? With this quick and easy guide you can instantly start making the most of your website, improving SEO, developing a cross-channel marketing strategy, using content creatively, selling social and getting to grips with Google analytics. Power up your ecommerce experience with these handy how-to chapters. Online marketing is your gateway to selling more – make sure you’re doing it right. *Note – the cup of tea is optional.

Contents include:
  • Marketing fundamentals: your website as a marketing tool
  • How to: Boost your SEO
  • Newsflash: your friends are your biggest allies
  • Why you need a cross-channel marketing strategy
  • Why content is the linchpin of marketing strategies
  • Email marketing vs email spam
  • How to get the most from Facebook
  • Five Twitter tools to boost your business
  • Is Pinterest right for me?
  • The subtleties of selling social
  • Business-building blogs
  • Nine ways to use web analytics

If the social selling caught your fancy check out our exclusive titles ‘Everything you need to know about selling on Facebook‘ and ‘Everything you need to know about selling on Pinterest‘.



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Readers have said: Well thought out, well structured and loads of useful info on crossing the on-line minefield without standing on the mines! This was very helpful.As I run an online business, I picked up some valuable tips on effective ways to market my products. Highly recommended. This is a great marketing 'bible' that all businesses should have to hand. Because we only earn when we bring success to our clients this sort of information is extremely useful for us to share. In my opinion, this eBook is great. Information has great structure. It's a very good instrument for online-marketing. Thank you.
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