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Everything you need to know about selling on Pinterest

If ‘pinning’ brings to mind children’s party games with tails and donkeys, then you have not been paying attention to Pinterest – the fastest social media platform in history to surpass the ten million unique visitor mark.

This quick and easy to read eSeller Guide briefs you on everything you need to know about selling on Pinterest, answers your questions and teaches you how to turn pins into pounds (or dollars, yen, euro etc.).

Get answers to your Pinterest questions:

  • What is Pinterest?
  • Why is Pinterest a big deal for ecommerce?
  • Is Pinterest right for me?
  • How do pins work?
  • How to encourage pinning from your own site

With top tips:

  • Include the price tag
  • Use high-quality photography to sell more
  • Partner and engage with other pinners
  • Use social media to promote Pinterest
  • The importance of the soft sell
  • Using Pinterest to try out new product lines

And expert contributors:

  • Avin Wong,
  • Meredith Oliver, Creating WOW Comms
  • David Brint, SpinMe
  • Seamus Whittington, ChannelAdvisor
  • Jacob Dutton, 383 Project
  • Laura Brown, KISS PR

This guide is all you need to bring your business interests to Pinterest and start selling. Download it below.

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I think this was a great way to introduce people to ow to sell using Pinterest. Great for passing on some knowledge to my clients who have ecommerce sites. This is a great product which really helps smaller businesses get a handle on how best to promote themselves using Pinterest I am compiling a dossier of useful things I could use to make my website more attractive to various search engines and social networks, and it will take ma while to get my head round most of it. Thank you for all of the downloads you have given to me recently - they have all been just what I need. This was a great deal - as a new business I found it really helpful.
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