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eSeller Guide to Web Analytics

Web Analytics is basically a tool for crawling inside the customer’s mind to discover what makes them buy and depending on budget you can access as much or as little information as you need.

Web Analytics measures your effectiveness online, instead of the outdated method of simply counting how many hits your website has, analytics show details that give you an extraordinary insight, you will learn:

• How the visitor arrived at your site
• Which page the visitor landed on
• Where the visitor came from
• How long the visitor stayed on each page
• What interrupted the process and made the visitor leave
• How many visitors were converted into customers
• How many unique visitors you received
• The times when visitors are more like to visit your site

With paid analytics you can also delve even deeper as some software allows you to estimate the sex, age and demographic of the visitor.

Discover how to use web analytics for your business with this short and simple guide from eSeller.


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