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eSeller Guide to Sales Strategies

Planning to sell? Your sales strategy is a plan of how to get your products in front of the right people and importantly how you will get them to buy. This latest guide from eSeller will explain how to create and implement your sales strategies across all your channels. From marketplaces and mobile commerce to affiliate marketing and social media, this short read will sharpen up your sales savvy and ensure you don’t fall into strategy traps. Including a case study from jewellery retailer Hoobynoo World, this ebook will support your sales strategy.

Contents include:

What is a sales strategy?
How do you go about creating sales objectives?
Take a look at your sales channels
Why use a range of sales channels?
How do you diversify sales channels?
Online marketplaces
Mobile and tablet sales
Affiliate marketing
Social media
Top mistakes to avoid when creating your sales strategy
Sales strategy case study: Hoobynoo World


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