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The eSeller Guide to Getting Paid

Ask any successful business owner and they’ll tell you that starting up is the most exciting part. Finding the right payment provider is central to this process. Choose the wrong one and you could miss out on a set of customers completely because you don’t offer their preferred payment method or be charged an arm and a leg by a supplier for the privilege of taking payment. This book covers the whole process, from attracting buying customers to giving them the best possible checkout experience.

Payments, shipping, taxes, regulations and legal issues make cross-border commerce daunting for an average small to mid-size business. We hope this ebook will address these common obstacles, put your fears to rest and give you the tools, tips and tricks needed to get you up and running and getting paid. 


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Chapters include:

  • Hello from BlueSnap
  • Getting Started
  • Busting payment myths
  • How to choose a payment platform
  • Data security 
  • Payments that work for your business
  • Case study 1 
  • Case study 2 
  • Our Conclusion 
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