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The eSeller guide to creating ‘in-store’ online

How do you get that magic feeling of the ‘in-store’ experience from our online equivalents? This quick read reveals the twelve easy steps to creating the ‘in-store’ online. Personalisation, live chat, great photography, virtual fitting experiences and video all play a part in taking the best of bricks of mortar into the digital landscape. In-store? Online? After this eSeller eBook you won’t be able to tell the two apart.

Chapters include:

  • What do bricks and mortar shops have that we don’t?
  • Every customer is an individual
  • How cutting-edge fashion sites serve customers
  • The case for great photography
  • Create the sales assistant experience with live chat
  • Offering tailored discounts and more
  • Virtual fitting rooms
  • Let your customers wander around your store
  • How video is influencing buying decisions online
  • Getting back to basics with people power
  • Explore the full potential of online
  • Five of the big trends in online shopping

With expert contributions from:

  • Allyson Tremblay, UK Sales Director at SDL Fredhopper
  • Shawn Cabral, Marketing Director at Sitecore UK
  • David Brint, Sales and Marketing Director at SpinMe
  • Luiz Kemmer, Head of Operations at Realtime
  • Chris Gorell Barnes, Chief Executive at Adjust Your Set
  • Tony Heyworth, International Marketing Director at LiverPerson
  • Richard Britton, CEO at CloudSense

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