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DOWNLOAD FREE The state of shipping in commerce 2016

Accessibility to the internet and the insatiable mobility of commerce have inspired a new generation of shoppers – a generation that is not so easily segmented into the traditional psychographic profiles of research past, but a generation united by their collective desire to experience the world on their own terms.

This desire for personalisation and connected experiences have left many retailers to re-imagine their business in the context of the contemporary customer journey. Traditional, back-of-house operations, such as shipping and fulfilment, have come into the spotlight – not as traditional cost centres, but as an opportunity for genuine differentiation in a competitive world.

Temando commissioned Research Now to conduct a global survey into the expectations of today’s consumers and the capability to meet those expectations by today’s retailers. The Research – outlined in this eBook –  surveyed 4000 consumers and 800 retailers in Australia, France, the UK and the US and explores consumers expectations: what they want now, what they want in the future and importantly what they are willing to pay for in the UK Market.

The findings are then mapped to UK retailer’s ability to connect with carriers, automate the shipping and fulfilment process, operate in the omnichannel and more.


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