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Delivering Successfully for Christmas

With online volumes predicted to rise to 120 million orders in December 2014 and with more than 60% of people choosing to shop online, the delivering those orders efficiently has become vitally important.

As the peak Christmas selling season approaches it’s a time when many retailers, shop owners and market place vendors begin to reap the rewards of all their hard work. At myHermes we understand that the final mile of the customer journey from despatch to delivery is important, from selecting the initial shipping provider through to tracking and successful delivery.

So to help you stay organised over the Christmas period (which we know will be a very busy time for you) we’ve collaborated with eSeller to compile this essential guide on “Delivering Successfully for Christmas”.


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Whether you run a small business selling on eBay or have a more traditional set-up that has an extra route to market through an ecommerce site, then making sure you get all aspects of the customer journey right at this peak selling season is vital. 

 It will help you avoid seasonal selling mistakes and also includes some helpful tips on dos and don’ts for packing your parcels. We hope you find this eBook useful and if you need help with delivery we look forward to helping your business have a successful peak this year.

Chapters include:

  • Hello from myHermes
  • Setting up for shipping success
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of packing a parcel
  • Shipping deadlines and allowances
  • How to avoid seasonal shipping slip-ups
  • Customer services at Christmas
  • Case Study: Sheffield Mug Company
  • Case Study: Racketworld
  • Conclusion
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