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Converting blinks to buys: The 21st Century Customer Experience

38% of online shoppers said that they had purchased something online because of live chat and 18% of online consumers who used live chat to interact with a site were likely to become frequent buyers.

There is no retail business in the world, online or offline, that isn’t faced with the constant questions of how to convert visitors into returning customers and how to differentiate oneself from the rest of the competition.

In this ebook we look at the customer journey in its entirety and reveal when, where and how you can positively influence customer experience and win the all important sale.


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Chapters include:

The customer journey: From acquisition to after sales support 
The customer journey in numbers
Six tips to getting your first sale 
Customer Service 101
How to build customer trust
What customers want: 10 key features
Customer service checklist
Automation - the future of customer service? 
Fulfilling the customer promise - and making it cost effective 

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