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Click to Chat: The Ultimate Online Sales Tool

In the seven-month period from January to July 2014, the average online conversion rate for the UK market (excluding Travel) was 4.6%, the highest recorded by IMRG since 2009 …  

How does this compare with the conversion rate on your website? Are you happy with the percentage of your online visitors who become customers? If not, which measures have you taken to increase this? Have you considered click to chat?

When businesses decide to deploy an online chat solution, they often have this essential concern in mind. They want to improve customer happiness and increase online sales. These two objectives are inextricable as happy visitors are more likely to buy and become customers. Plus, happy customers are more likely to come back.


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In this white paper, we take a close look at how Click to Chat can increase online sales on your website. We will highlight the key performance indicators which will enable you to monitor the efficiency of this online sales tool and share key results based on hundreds of businesses.

AirFrance, Monster Worldwide, The Kooples and Great Art have successfully optimised the sales potential of this customer service channel. Read on to find out what they have achieved and how.

This white paper will come in handy for businesses considering Click to Chat as an online customer service channel. If your company already has a chat solution but you feel you are not getting the most out of it in terms of online sales, then this white paper may also give you a few ideas.

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