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B2B and Online Customer Service

Forrester Research has shown that the expectations of B2B purchasers are rising due to B2C experiences. To meet these expectations, websites need to be developed to offer more content and catch up with B2C when it comes to digital strategy. 

Several companies, including Monster, One Direct, EBP, Cegos and WelcomeOffice, have all chosen to develop their business relationships and online customer service using real-time contact channels. In this ebook, they share their experiences and the results they have achieved with iAdvize. If you have chosen to implement a Click to Chat solution, or are thinking about doing so in the future, then this report will give you guidelines to optimise the impact of the channel.


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Click to Chat, Click to Call and Click to Video previously perceived as online solutions for the B2C market have a clear positive impact on customer experience. However, customer service is, above all, about relationships between people - even when these people are brought together in a business context. Whether they are the agents, the buyers or the decision-makers, their expectations are often the same for B2B as they are in B2C situations, as they are consumers themselves.

Chapters include:

1. Introduction
2. The expert’s opinion: Stephanie Edwards, Director at Customer 1st International Ltd
3. B2B online purchasing: Key facts & figures
4. Best practices
5. Success stories
6. About iAdvize

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