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A Retailer’s Guide to Fulfilment

The shopping habits of consumers have dramatically altered in the past five years and the rise of e-commerce has put immense pressure on retailers’ fulfilment strategies. Through smartphones, tablets and increasing internet availability, customers are adopting an “anytime, anywhere” approach to online shopping and are expecting the same flexible and convenient results when it comes to fulfilment.

However, many retailers do not prioritise fulfilment as an important aspect of the sales process and it is those retailers who are suffering through damaged customer loyalty and brand awareness. Savvy retailers who implement a customer-focused and effective fulfilment strategy are those who will stand out from the competition.

This Channel Advisor eBook features tips from three of the UK’s fulfilment experts; Royal Mail, MetaPack and Arvato. We have compiled these tips in order to help retailers understand how to approach fulfilment and offer a well-rounded end-to-end experience.


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