Content is king when it comes to online sales: Top tips to stop you drowning in the stuff
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Paul Skeldon
31st January 2017
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We all know that content is king when it comes to driving online sales, but now it is official. A study by digital asset management company Bynder, finds that 9 out of 10 etailers pin sales success on effective website content, from banners to editorial, images and video.

However, 76% of respondents indicate while dependent on successful peak periods in generating target revenues – from Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day to Back-to-School and Black Friday – most struggle to keep up with content demands.

To help brands and marketers achieve optimum sales success, Bynder collaborated with third party research firm Sapio Research to identify common challenges and opportunities to accelerate go-to-market strategies, enhance the customer experience and increase ecommerce sales.

Managing digital content from mobile layouts to product shots for the sales team often represent make or break moment for brands. In fact, 32% say total sales are attributed to peak periods.

However, greater ecommerce sales can be achieved during peak periods (and the quieter times) with stronger MarTech integration as the data reveals:

Real-Time Content Distribution

Marketing departments would be less pressured if they could get their content live faster (58%) and produce more of it (52%).

Value of Content

Approximately 50% of respondents say the brand experience they offer is improved by content but their biggest peak challenge is conceptualising organic ideas and executing them faster than competitors.

Crucial Peak Performance

76% of companies have peak traffic periods that account for an average of 32% of their total sales.

Ability to Communicate Global Business Goals

46% of marketers want to be able to collaborate more effectively across international markets.

Quality Over Quantity

The biggest challenge of peak periods is to come up with content that is better and is executed faster than competitors (50%).

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Author: Paul Skeldon
Editor specialising in all things mobile.
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