CASE STUDY Furniture Box – the eBay millionaires who chose business over university
Stage 3: Sell
Paul Skeldon
24th July 2017
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Online furniture business Furniture Box was launched in 2015 by young entrepreneur Monty George, who was aged just 18 at the time and decided to pursue a career in business rather than attend university.

Monty runs the business from an office and warehouse space in Mere, Wiltshire with fellow young entrepreneur Dan Beckles. Now aged 20 and 19 respectively, Monty and Dan have led Furniture Box to rapid growth within just a year of launching. The business turned over £1.06m in 2016. Monty and Dan are eyeing up further growth this year, including expansion into supplying commercial property projects.

Managing Director Monty George discusses how he achieved rapid growth for his business: “A lot of people of my age would find launching a business daunting, but it’s a simple case of knowing your market, and which channel makes the most sense with your target audience in mind. We launched Furniture Box into a readymade marketplace with eBay, so instead of investing heavily in marketing we could invest in inventory. This meant we could keep up with the rapidly growing demand coming from our rising number of customers.

“Customer service is also important when growing a business, with online stores allowing new buyers to read the feedback left by others who have shopped with us before. We’ve built up a long list of positive reviews, and this is great for building confidence among those thinking about buying from us for the first time.

“If I was going to give one bit of advice to someone wanting to rapidly grow their business online, it would be to study the marketplace and find your niche among competitors. If you can identify a unique offering for consumers, your sales will fly!”

You can enter the eBay Business Awards here.

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Author: Paul Skeldon
Editor specialising in all things mobile.
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