Amazon Prime Day – what’s new for 2017
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Paul Skeldon
4th July 2017
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Tuesday 11 July is Amazon Prime Day – the day Amazon Prime customers can shop all manner of deals and where eseller traffic goes wild in a much needed mid-year boom.

This year there are a few new things to watch out for, which we list below, then we hear from leading eCommerce people as to why it is important:

So what is new this year?

Amazon Prime Day now 30 hours long – the event itself takes the definition of ‘day’ and turns it into a 30 hour extraganza

Amazon Is Debuting Deals By Interest – Now you can quickly sort through Amazon’s Prime Day deals based on what you really need, such as back-to- school, gaming, pet products and more.

There Are Going To Be More ‘Tier 1’ deals –That includes Amazon products such as Echo and Kindle, which sold like wildfire (and sold out quickly) for the company last year.

Voice Shopping Is Now A Thing – If you have an Alexa-enabled device such as Echo or Echo dot, you can start shopping Prime Day two hours earlier than everyone else at 7 p.m. on Monday night.

What the commentators are saying

Patrick Munden, Global Head of Retail and Marketing, Salmon

“It’s quite incredible to think that a retailer announcing a day of discounts can make quite a stir these days, but Amazon has just done that with Prime Day. Its ability to create a successful day around its delivery offering only proves how much customers are becoming more loyal to a speedy and convenient service even over a brand itself. Its goal, ultimately, is to get more customers signed up in advance of the event to its Prime offering – a service which is lacking more so in the UK compared to the US. By extending Prime Day to 30 hours, Amazon is capitalising on a thirst for summer bargains. This is certainly mirroring the extension of its Black Friday offering last year which saw the company extend its deals to two weeks; more like a ‘Black Fortnight’.

“It’s imperative for other retailers to stand up and take note of these ‘proactive peak days’ like Prime Day; as Christmas sales start to dwindle, consumers are looking elsewhere in the year to grab a bargain and companies can take advantage by creating their own specific sales days to combat Amazon’s continuing retail dominance. Amazon’s popularity will continue unabated provided it provides customers with exceptional service, and this is what companies must also match should they have any chance of competing. Retailers must ensure they have a smooth end-to-end solution that starts on the website and ends with the product in the customer’s lap not more than 24 hours later. Without this, Amazon might have a lot fewer competitors in years to come.”


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Author: Paul Skeldon
Editor specialising in all things mobile.
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