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eSeller editorial approach

The eSeller editorial approach is formed around an ambitious online-only title serving an audience of ecommerce-savvy UK businesses who nevertheless need access to critical and ever-changing information on how to make digital channels work best for them.

Relentlessly commercial in its outlook and recognising that the sale is all-important, eSeller’s focus is finding the right way to get online, sell online, grow your sales and extend your digital commercial activities to achieve your business’ most efficient growth curve.

eSeller’s first objective is to provide useful content and resources that help ecommerce businesses to grow through selling more. There is no content for content’s sake: no waffle, no filler.

That means information about products and services influencing eCommerce worldwide, mission-critical news from the industry and inspiration from commercial experts and people who have made money through selling online.

Suppliers and commercial content

In this fast-moving sector we are fortunate that industry suppliers are experts – both from lessons learned via successful deployments with a broad range of retailers, and from their own research to gain a competitive edge. eSeller welcomes the voice of expertise and so we are happy for sponsors and other vendors to contribute to the selling objective.

All content on the site is editorially validated – there’s no “pay to post” or unmarked advertorials. Where a supplier writes it’s noted clearly that they’re the author of the piece and we will have worked with them to focus upon relevance, quality and whether the information can be actioned.

Your voice

Please do add your voice of expertise by suggesting/volunteering content and experience. Mail us at info@esellermedia.com.

Equally, if our content causes you concern or you’d like to suggest improvements then either leave a comment on the piece or mail us as above.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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