5 benefits of Live Chat on your website
Stage 5: Retain
Matt Eldridge
12th May 2017
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Any regular internet user (so, basically anybody) will have noticed a website feature that has been appearing more and more over the last couple of years. It seems you can’t log on anywhere without a little box appearing, with a neatly-uniformed grinning employee asking you if they can help you with anything. Live chat is big in business, and it’s good for business in several ways. Here are some reasons why you should consider making Live Chat the latest addition to your business website.


Depending on the quality of a business website, it can sometimes be difficult to determine how current it and its contents are, and particularly barren-looking sites can get you wondering if anybody would ever answer if you tried to contact the company. Live Chat lends your website a continuous ‘face’ for your organisation, making it open for business even if the offices aren’t, and reestablishing customers’ trust and loyalty to you. If you have the capacity, 24/7 Live Chat is a particularly good move, as it not only helps you to accommodate customers with antisocial working hours, but international customers too.

Eliminate Time Wasters

It is likely that, whatever industry you are in, there will be a good number of initial enquiries that really need in-person discussion or further information, and cannot be given a simple answer by a customer services rep. Live Chat can help to filter through enquiries and direct them in a more effective manner, without wasting customers’ time waiting on the end of a phone line, and putting the time of Chat reps to better use.


In business, having high conversion rates is what it’s all about, and Live Chat contributes to that. Having knowledgeable customer service staff available to advise customers improves the overall level of customer service, improving customer loyalty to the brand. When Live Chat reps can quickly and effortlessly help solve problems or answer queries, it gives a strong impression, pleases the customer and in turn makes them far more willing to come back and put their trust in your company.

Quicker Customer Service

We all know that customer service can be the slowest and most tedious department of a business, particularly when you are on the receiving end of it, waiting endlessly to get to the top of the queue and have your call answered. Live Chat services are far quicker and more efficient, and a speedy and effective customer service that adequately solves the problem or query is a great way to prove your mettle.

Free User Experience Data

Here comes the kicker – user data. Traditionally, this is collected either by investing in expensive software, or by inflicting intrusive surveys on customers when they just want to get on with their purchase, or both. Thanks to Live Chat, valuable data about customers’ quality of experience can be collected and quantified, and used to give seniors a reliable indication of what is working, what is not, and what needs to be done to make improvements. If applicable to your kind of business and customer, you can also use this data to personalise the customer experience, which really helps to boost takings and customer loyalty. Useable customer data of this nature is worth its weight in gold in business, so think of clearing a place for it on your site.

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Author: Matt Eldridge
Matt is the owner and head web, design and marketing master of Melt Design. He specialises in delivering results driven websites that combine design, clarity, marketing tools and techniques that translate into sales and subscribers. He has previously worked for Entrepreneurs Circle running Botti Creative and now aims to grow Melt Design into one of the most well respected design, web and marketing agencies in the UK.
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