3 ways to boost e-commerce sales with affiliate marketing
Stage 2: Promote
Paul Skeldon
3rd July 2017
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Online shopping is yet to take over bricks and mortar in sales, however the number of us choosing to shop online is growing annually. Fabrizio Fantini, Co-Founder of Expressly is passionate that online shopping should retain as many of the positive shopping experiences that the high street offers.


  • Use affiliate marketing to partner with non-competing relevant online brands.

“We created Expressly as a way to make online shopping as quick and welcoming as the high street, whilst building a merchant community where advertisers sell to customers of other non-competing stores. You wouldn’t accept (for example) a clothing store to advertise no win no fee lawyers whilst you were shopping – so why does this happen whilst shopping online?  It is not only frustrating, but entirely random, a wasted opportunity for merchants”


  • Offer deals for your store and exclusive deals for partnered stores in banners, emails, and receipts.

“The high street has decades of experience rewarding loyalty, we are all familiar with loyalty cards for example. Online offers a new frontier, via affiliate marketing you can not only partner with brands relevant to your demographic you can also set bespoke deals for your site and partnered brands.


  • Ensure that your customers can navigate, shop, and pay with the speed of the high street.

“The tedium of setting up an account per online store visited is a common cause of abandoned baskets, Amazon one-click is a fantastic tool for replicating the speed of purchase. When traditional online advertisement does convert to sales registration is something the consumer faces. With Expressly merchants use existing customer data to let people buy with 1-click from new websites – amazon one click for the whole web.

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Author: Paul Skeldon
Editor specialising in all things mobile.
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